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 Pop as an onomatopoeia of explosion. Pop as popular intervention in mass culture. Pop as a visual lash, as adoration to the urban gods, as a lysergic frenzy or as a consumerist delirium. When Dorothy left the yellow brick road behind, she changed her red shoes for a pair of pointed ones, tightened her corset, goes on stage and cited Madonna in tempo with God Save the Queen. 

The work by Miguel Muñoz takes the blend of iconosphere pop to the limit by combining the irreverent perspective with fan adoration. In his collages, he shrouds his favourite pop icons in an aura of mystical ecstasy with the help of a marker and scissors. Characters in films, comics, music and television are lit up with a new perspective which invites a second look. His worktable is a shredder with a sparkling design and scintillating colours on which all those inhabitants of popular imagination are inserted to later emerge in stunning and extraordinary landscapes and conveniently filtered by the ever-original look of their creator.